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GOTM NO. 31 Lucky Strike - Live Shopping

GOTM NO. 31 Lucky Strike - Live Shopping


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Beadmail is the ultimate surprise for the luck-seekers out there! Ignite your passion for an extraordinary experience every month as you await the revelation of which color fate has chosen for you. Are you glad you took a chance? This time it could be your lucky strike! Glass variations are all about the luck of the drag!

A palette of six vibrant colors, each encapsulating its own unique luck-based charm, LUCKY STRIKE invites you to embrace the anticipation and excitement of the unknown every month, eagerly awaiting the moment when luck reveals its true colors to you.

Will you strike it lucky with a brilliant shade that mirrors a stroke of luck in your life? Or perhaps your surprise hue will symbolize good fortune, adding an extra tinge of serendipity to your day. Regardless of the outcome, this LUCKY STRIKE promises to infuse your life with a sense of delight and enchantment.

Inhale the indulgence in the thrill of this lucky draw! Captivate yourself with the colors that destiny has in store for you. Remember, life is full of surprises, and you never know when luck will strike in the most delightful way.
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