OHM Original Beadmail is a monthly prepaid program created especially for bead lovers and collectors who love excitement AND peace of mind. 

This à la carte item of OHM Beadmail campaign can be purchased without a subscription. If you'd like to subscribe to OHM Beadmail, please visit ohmbeads.com/beadmail for more information.Important Notes:

These are some of the OHM Beadmail photos our subscribers have shared on social media.

Ready to join our Beadmail community? 

We currently offer three types of Beadmails,

  • Original Beadmail - Sterling silver beads, but sometimes we may surprise you with stone beads.

  • GOTM (Glass Of The Month)  - Handmade glass beads with sterling silver cores.

  • OROQ (Rock of the Quarter)  - Rocks, natural or artificial stone, with sterling silver cores. (Soon)
You can find information at BEADMAIL SCHEDULE.

Important Notes:

  • All sales are final. No returns or refunds
  • One shipping address per order
  • special shipping cost Other orders are not included.