Collection: Collection: OHM X MayT

Modern Dog guitarist's artistic creator and legendary alternative rock musician May-T Noijinda, inspired by the love and bond between he and Mowgli, his Siberian Husky best friend. May-T describes Mowgli with a face full of happy smiles,

“When I started raising Mowgli, my life changed. From one who liked to travel to one who liked to stay at home. After work, I hurry home as I knew I had a duty to take care of him. He makes us more organized and we pay closer attention to details in life. People say that dogs and owners tend to have similar personalities, I think it's true. Mowgli and I are indie people, we have our own world, we can live by ourselves.”

We want to record the story of growth through our pets. This “recording the story” is the jumping off point for May-T to enjoy making art with Mowgli as muse, we have seen many works of May-T using Mowgli as a model, including paintings, sculptures, animations, digital art, and now Mowgli has become jewelry. OHM captures his face full of happy smiles character with such cuteness.

This Siberian Husky is the inspiration for a pendant, a bead, and a ring as part of the OHM X MAYT collection, an OHMistry project, a collaboration between OHM and artists in different countries whose work is outstanding according to different concepts. Uniquely different.

The OHM X MAYT collection, apart from the flowing style, is not different from the artist's original guitar accents. The work also takes us back to the happy times that May-T and Mowgli had together. He says,

“11 years together we were good friends and today Mowgli is gone. But still his memory will never fade away as I still remember everything about him. And it's a heartwarming feeling every time I think of him.”

Every item in this collection is filled with love and strongly tied together as a collection.