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Year Of The Dragon-y

Year Of The Dragon-y


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In the year of the Dragon, a celestial stage unfolds for the revered creature and a rare total solar eclipse. This astronomical event adds profound symbolism, infusing the year with an aura of transformation and renewal. As the Dragon takes flight, the eclipse marks a powerful moment of cosmic alignment, symbolizing change and new beginnings. In Chinese astrology, this event intensifies the Dragon's energy, amplifying a time of great change and inner growth.

The celestial forces' convergence magnifies the Dragon's attributes, fostering a period of profound transformation. Ancient symbolism merges with the natural world, creating an atmosphere ripe for personal and collective evolution. The eclipse, veiling the sun temporarily, symbolizes the unveiling of hidden truths and new perspectives, paralleling the Dragon's influence to embrace change, seek wisdom, and navigate life's mysteries.

In this celestial confluence, the year of the Dragon and the total solar eclipse offer a profound opportunity for personal and spiritual metamorphosis. It's a time to shed old layers, embrace insights, and set intentions for a future infused with the Dragon's strength and the eclipse's transformative energy. Embrace this alignment, allowing the Dragon’s wisdom and the eclipse's power to guide you toward renewed purpose, growth, and vitality. This extraordinary year is marked not just by the Dragon's presence but also by the cosmic spectacle propelling us toward new horizons.

YEAR OF THE DRAGON-Y is approximately 2.5cm long. Use an OHM S Clasp bracelet to attach as clasp. View bracelets for size option/chain lengths.
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