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Magic Wardrobe

Magic Wardrobe


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Introducing the MAGIC WARDROBE—a symbol of wanderlust and imaginative escape. This community-designed project originated during the Beadmas celebration on social media in 2022. Inspired by the travel wardrobe concept from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this bead serves as a gateway to various destinations, sparking the imagination of those seeking adventure.

This bead encapsulates the longing to explore unreachable worlds. While sometimes you can travel physically, you can also find comfort in the idea of a magical wardrobe — an entryway to different realities. Open its door and step into your desired realm, experiencing past, present, and future adventures. Transport yourself to serene islands or distant planets. Travel back in time to witness dinosaurs or explore the dream world we enter each night.

The MAGIC WARDROBE offers a passage to a separate reality, merging dreams and desires. Whatever your travel aspirations, let this bead unlock new possibilities, bringing happiness and endless joy.

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