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BEADMAIL NO. 31 Two Sides

BEADMAIL NO. 31 Two Sides


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There is no good without evil. It takes one to recognize the other. It takes two to tango. One side must bare the weight of the other for the dance to continue. These opposites exist in tandem, together they add value and dimension to everything life has to offer. Just like two sides of the same coin, both go hand in hand shining the light and casting the shadow.

A concept of angels and devils as opposing spiritual forces is a widely spread motif in many cultures and religious traditions.
Angels are often seen as representing goodness, purity, and divine grace, while evil, sin, and corruption are associated with devils. This duality is often used to illustrate the struggle between good and evil that exists within the human soul, and the choice we must make for these two paths to become one.
The duality of angels and devils can be seen as a metaphor for the inner conflict that we experience as human beings, representing opposing forces within us pulling us in different directions.

In some religious traditions, the struggle between angels and devils is also seen as the journey of the soul towards redemption and salvation. The presence of both good and evil within us serves as a reminder of the importance of choosing to follow the path of righteousness, and of our capacity for growth and spiritual transformation.

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