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BEADMAIL NO. 28 Survive And Thrive

BEADMAIL NO. 28 Survive And Thrive


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The dry desert air. The hot summer sun. The rare moment: a flower in bloom. Humans learn to live given the harshest conditions. Patience, determination, and mindfulness teach a way of life, a way to persevere under any circumstance. It may be hard at first to overcome hardships but given time, you learn to evolve, to get better and grow the skills needed to survive the ultimate circumstance ahead. The cactus did not grow a prick overnight. Their prehistoric relatives were gobbled up, a hungry passerby not dying of thirst that day. Each generation there was one weirdo that hung around in the heat and drought, one tiny little prick that decided to fight back. One tiny bit of dna changed to allow not just survival, but the flourish of bloom and another chapter. Don’t give up, keep learning, keep experimenting and soon you will bloom like a cactus under the hot sun of this not-so-lifeless desert of human existentiality.

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