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Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies


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An altruistic act of generosity for the overworked old elf in red who labors tirelessly up and down chimneys filling countless stockings with goodies? Or is it a blatant bribe in the hope of currying favor with the giver of gifts and thus earn more and better presents?

Leaving treats for Santa could be traced back centuries. Viking children would leave hay and apples for the god Odin and his eight-legged horse Sleipner at Yule time. In Germany, Christmas trees were decorated with fruit and cookies, which might tempt a hungry Santa to snack.

Even today, British children leave sherry and mince pies for Saint Nick. Irish kids leave a pint of Guinness. French children leave a glass of wine for Pere Noel, and Scandinavian kids leave out rice pudding and hot coffee (which Santa might need after all that beer and wine).

But in the USA, the chocolate chip cookie still reigns supreme as the gift most often set out for the jolly bearded one.

OHM celebrates this wonderful holiday tradition with a silver MILK & COOKIES bead. A giant buttery cookie bursting with melty, gooey chips of chocolate dangles from a heart-shaped pair of candy canes.

And next to it, an ice-cold glass of creamy milk -- that will never spill -- hangs ready to wash down the savory, sugary treat.

Your heart will pound with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning eager to see what Santa brought in exchange for your dessert inducement.

The magic lives on in this sweet tradition!

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