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Ohm Balance

Ohm Balance


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The solar system is in perpetual balance, this is what has allowed huge spheres of star dust to coalesce, spiraling through space on the gravitational waves of existence. From inside to out, the giving and receiving of infinite energy ebbs and flows from one state to another, every changing, always the same. Entropy is coming, but not yet, for now there is balance for us. Embrace the tight rope. Count the steps on the path. Leap from orbit to orbit. OHM your way along and through this place we call home.

Mercury helps manifest good cognitive skills and better communication. Allow Mercury to be the muse for change in our routines and recharge the fire in our batteries allowing us to shine again and keep on spinning round and round ... never burning out.

Venus influences our receptivity to love and attraction. Embody Venus to appreciate and feel appreciated by others. Venus reminds us of the simple pleasures of the purest energy, desire… desire for love, balance, and harmony in our lives.

Our garden planet gives us our sense of home and belonging, helping give meaning to life and its purpose. Earth wants us to feel comfortable, not possessive, prosperous, not greedy, caring, not clingy. Earth reminds us of the impermanence and fragile state of all earthy things.

Mars invites us to awaken a desire for spiritual knowledge. Embody Mars to develop determination, quick mental activity, and strong leadership qualities. Trust the influence of Mars, don't contemplate, but instead jump right into whatever you are doing.

Jupiter invites us to give in to hope, beliefs, laws of prosperity, philosophy, and personal growth. Jupiter is widely referred to as the Great Fortune and the planet of plenty, meaning it holds an abundance of gifts and is always prepared to bestow its generosity onto us.

Saturn is often associated with the passage of time, with aging and maturity, or in Hindu and esoteric traditions, Saturn is seen as a karmic force, revealing secrets in our action or inaction by showing us the consequence of our lives. Saturn helps us to find balance in our lives, past, present, and future.

Uranus is believed to have a transformative effect on those under its influence. A deep vocalized exhale can help us to see that Uranus brings the big-picture, long-term goals, and immediate next steps needed for radical change into focus. Allow Uranus to guide you on the way to becoming the best version of yourself. Do what you want, fearlessly, unhhhh.

Neptune fosters a sense of unity and encourages you to connect with the collective consciousness. Embody Neptune to embrace compassion, unconditional love, and empathy for others. Under Neptune's influence, you may find yourself drawn to spiritual practices, meditation, and seeking deeper meaning in life.

Mercury Larvikite: Discernment, grounding, patience, learning, inner transformation
Venus Honey jade: Magic, happiness, loyalty, loving relationships, self-esteem
Earth Unakite: Balancing emotions, empathy, gratitude, insight
Mars Peach moonstone: Protection, higher realms, creativity, calmness, love, acceptance
Jupiter Tiger's eye: courage, strength, personal power, fearlessness, fortune.
Saturn Phoposidalite: Psychic power, meditation, stimulates communication, confidence
Uranus Amazonite: Calming, harmony, peace, clearing blockages, soothing
Neptune Apatite: Expanding knowledge, growth, inspiration, motivation, guidance
Space Onyx: Protection, strength, grounding, relief, balance

Multiple sizes available. Fits most. Strung with flexible cording.

Size Guide:

  • Size S: Ideal for wrist sizes between 6" and 6.7" (15-17cm)
  • Size L: Perfect for wrist sizes between 6.1" and 7.9" (18-20cm)
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