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Zolotaya Ribka (Retired)

Zolotaya Ribka (Retired)


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Ohm Beads "Zolotaya Ribka," a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and is a tribute to a Russian fairy tale. "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" ("______ _ ______ _ _____") is a poem by Aleksandr Pushkin from 1833. The tale is about an old fisherman who catches a "Golden Fish" or "Zolotaya Ribka" in Russian. The fish, a royal heir from the underwater world, promises to fulfill any wish of the fisherman has in exchange for his freedom. The fisherman received all that he and his wife asked for and the Zolotaya Ribka was granted freedom. But the fisherman came back to the ocean to catch the fish over and over again, just so he could ask for more and more every time. The fisherman managed to lose everything due to greed, lack of self control, and plain old human ignorance.

This sterling silver charm features a 14k gold vermeil crown and a free-moving tail.

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