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Ethereal Tribute

Ethereal Tribute


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ETHEREAL TRIBUTE, the essence of Hera's reverence weaves through the shimmering hues of twilight skies captured in OHM's glass. Each feather mirrors the loyalty of Argus, his spirit reborn in the peacock's majestic pride, painting the world with the sorrow of his end and the splendor of his tribute.

Here, Hera whispers into the ether, her breath a mosaic of gold and blue, infusing the peacock’s plumage with the weight of eternal vigilance and a touch of divine melancholy. This bead, less an object than a moment crystallized, holds the silent story of a goddess's honor paid to unwavering loyalty—a dance of color and light where sorrow meets beauty.

ETHEREAL TRIBUTE—carry it close to your pulse, let it resonate with Hera's profound act, and let each glimpse be a step deeper into the lore of celestial transformation.

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