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Saganistute (Retired)

Saganistute (Retired)


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Did you know that Humpty Dumpty invented a word that we still use today? In the famous nursery rhyme in which Humpty Dumpty "had a great fall?" and, before he was shattered into scrambled eggs, Mr. Dumpty lived in Wonderland and, perched upon his wall, he proudly explained to Alice the meaning of "portmanteau."

The portmanteau already existed as a type of suitcase equally divided into two sections, but Humpty Dumpty applied the term linguistically when he said, "You see it’s like a portmanteau -- there are two meanings packed into one word." He gave examples from the Jabberwocky poem: "slimy and lithe" becomes the word "slithy" or "miserable and flimsy" becomes the word "mimsy.” Today, we have many portmanteau words: "brunch" (breakfast/lunch), "smog" (smoke/fog), "sitcom" (situation/comedy), "infomercial" (information/commercial), etc. You could even make up your own.

The word "saganistute" appears to be a portmanteau for "sage" and "astute." We love that word here at OHM; so, as part of our own "Alice in Wonderland" series, we proudly present our new glass bead entitled SAGANISTUTE. Sage, in classical philosophy, means "someone who has attained wisdom" or someone who lives "according to an ideal that transcends the everyday.” Astute describes one having "mental sharpness and perception.”

Brilliantly this creation transcends the everyday, and if you look astutely, you will find sage advice in the sprinkle of sparkling magic wafting through the twilight sky and alluring depths of the wonderland around you. Saganistute: "a wise person of poetry and vision.” That’s you!

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