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Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust


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Snow, a form of precipitation consisting of small ice crystals falling from the sky, a white blanket caressing the ground, a silent dust fashioning a magical fairy tale world of quiet serenity catches the golden hour sunlight refracting a rainbow of possibilities. Quickly, the colors of the world burst forth as a world awakens and the fairies scatter. Let go of all that science stuff. Let go of common sense and think for a moment, think of the world as magic. The snow, the fairy dusting the world in sparkle and intent. Imagine eensy fairies quietly moving through the air, their little wings fluttering around the globe sprinkling light and life across our earth eden. Snow may not be literal magic fairy dust, sure, but the ability to generate a sense of wonder and enchantment for yourself through imagination-play can elevate the overall experience of many cold winter months ahead. Embrace fairy dust.

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