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GOTM NO. 29 Dragon Alights

GOTM NO. 29 Dragon Alights


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DRAGON ALIGHTS, an entrancing sterling silver cored glass bead poised to captivate subscribers and collectors, embellished with fiery red hues and earthy tones.
Embodying the very essence of the Year of the Dragon, it splendidly showcases the interplay of vibrant colors, invoking a sense of both power and prosperity. Each bead encapsulates the enigmatic allure of the dragon, becoming a living emblem of strength and wisdom.

DRAGON ALIGHTS extends an invitation to embrace the latent dragon energy within, inviting you to wear it with both pride and anticipation for the journey ahead. An enduring reminder of the potent symbolism entwined with the Year of the Dragon—embodying strength, wisdom, luck, protection, and prosperity.
Ignite your spirit and embrace this exquisite bead as a conduit to all that the Year of the Dragon represents

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