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Corners Of Chaos

Corners Of Chaos


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In the labyrinth of existence, choices bloom like wildflowers,
where life weaves its intricate powers.
Echoes in the heart's silent call,
A dance with destiny, seeking the edges of the fall.

Left or right, a crossroads unkind,
The mind's maze, a puzzle to unwind.
In the corners of chaos, where clarity seems lost,
Choices carve a path, an uncertain cost.

Delineation blurs in the twilight of decision,
A canvas painted with the hues of indecision.
To grasp the rabbit hole, the essence of the soul,
Navigate the chaos, make fragments whole.

In the corners where chaos and order entwine,
Binary choices, threads in the fabric of time.
Embrace the dance, find beauty in the strife,
Corners of chaos, the tapestry of life.
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