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Fairy Wren

Fairy Wren

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Do you believe in fairies? When you allow yourself to believe in possibilities they become possible. 

Let FAIRY WREN remind you of the infinite permutations of the universe. Choose your path with your heart’s truest belief.

Showcasing deep colors ranging from tangerine to green, from purple to blue and all the way back again through the rainbow, this design can allow you a deeper understanding of the fairy realm. If you let it.

The fairywren is a beautiful avian sprite living in Australia. Fairywrens come in a plethora of colors which helped inspire this design. Living in the thick depths of the woodlands in harmony with the fairies that reside there. 

OHM’s FAIRY WREN is an exclusive design for OHM in Australia. OHM AU ships worldwide. This design is not a limited edition. 

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