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I Heart New York (Retired)

I Heart New York (Retired)


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It's said that home is where the heart is and the Ohm Beads I Heart Series aims to encapsulate this idiom. Starting with a simple, versatile and poignant silver heart, we add a splash of vibrant red enamel and state name or initials. On the rear of the charm you'll find an iconic symbol of the represented state that we hope will help keep your home with you at all times. Alternatively gather these to commemorate precious holiday memories.

New York, the Big Apple or the city that never sleeps, is famed for its tourism and shopping. It's the home of Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, making it one of the most financially influential cities in the world. Lastly it hosts the glitz and glamor of Broadway. There's little wonder as to its cultural draw; its exciting.

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