I Heart Florida (Retired)


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Florida, the Sunshine State, best known for it's glorious weather, golden beaches and amazing tourist attractions. There's little wonder that holiday makers from across the globe flock to Florida on a yearly basis. With this in mind the rear of the Ohm Beads I Heart Florida charm depicts an enviable beach scene, with waves lapping at the shore and palm trees swaying in the wind; all the essential components of the perfect beach holiday.

Remember a fantastic vacation, a cherished memory of home, or a dream to visit a spectacular location with the Ohm Beads I Heart State series. We start with a simple, versatile and poignant silver heart, we add a splash of vibrant red enamel and the cherished state name or initials. On the rear of the charm you'll find an iconic symbol of the represented state that we hope will help keep your memories alive with you at all times.

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