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Only the most dedicated OHMies would jump into the fray of Beadmail! What could it be each month? You trust us and we know what you love. Wrap yourself in a hug from OHM and love yourself to the moon and back.

OHM's most popular touchstones for you to see and feel. OHM every day with this design. We especially want to acknowledge you, who have demonstrated tremendous trust in our unique creations by purchasing them sight-unseen in these monthly surprise packages. You are the true believers and hardcore fans, and we love and honor your faith in us!

This month's greatest hits creation brings back some rare and collectible favorites in a new form that you've never seen before. It's a very meta-design that showcases the original versions of these silver delights in a stunning world-within-a-world sort of multiverse way! You're going to love it!

Enjoy the surprise, and thanks again for all of your loyalty, trust, support, and inspiring passion. You're the best!

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