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Breathe. That’s it. Stay calm. Do you feel the bubbles inside?

This special laboratory flask -- with a flat bottom, conical body, and cylindrical neck -- is called an Erlenmeyer flask after the German chemist who created it in 1860. The slanted sides and narrow neck allow its contents to be mixed by swirling without the risk of spillage, making this flask perfect for boiling liquids and adding solvents. Some combinations of chemicals, however, can create a combustible chain reaction that explodes or boils over. We know some people who are like that too.

OHM created this bubbling, overflowing Erlenmeyer flask. As we know every day we have to deal with irritating things, exasperating people, annoying traffic or coworkers, toxic mixes of circumstances that make you want to explode or boil over with frustration. Let the bubbles settle inside you. And perhaps let the OVERREACTING on your bracelet do the boiling over for you.

Now you’ve got good chemistry!

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