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Clarinet (Retired)

Clarinet (Retired)


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Our clarinetist is ready to march. All that's left is for you to find the perfect spot on your charm bracelet.

The clarinet, of the woodwind family, dates back to the eighteenth century. This instrument boasts rich tones often associated with the jazz genre. In marching bands, the clarinet is often used to counter the brassy sound of many of the instruments used. They may not get the lime light that the trumpets get, but their sound is integral to the full rich sound of the entire production as a whole. As least that's what we clarinetist will tell you. Clarinet pride!!

Marching bands have a long standing history steeped in tradition. From military to show bands, primary school to university, all the way to competitive drum corps around the world, marching bands bring feelings of excitement as they herald anything from city parades to global sporting events. Marching bands provide a grand display featuring brass, percussion and woodwind instruments, color guards, and of course the drum majors. At the center of the marching band concept is a visual and auditory cacophony.

Marching bands evoke emotion and for the dedicated individuals that participate, the schedule can be grueling. Band geeks stand tall and proud. We even have a few in the Ohm Beads office.

These perfectly cute, uniform clad characters, some with instruments larger than themselves are ready to stand in formation on your bracelet. From bass drum to flutist, from trumpet to clarinet, we've covered all the essential components and are ready to march onto the field. The intricate details that we're so proud of are all in evidence from miniature sculpted instruments to decorated cadet hat. All that's left is for you to give them a home on a bracelet, perhaps boasting the colors of your own band's uniform or even your favorite team?

These charms are ideal for musical enthusiasts to sporting fans alike. Indeed we'd argue they're so irresistible that they'd look equally at home on any charm bracelet.

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