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Love is the giving of energy to nourish and support life. Attraction is a feeling, but love is something you create. Love is active -- small, quiet acts of kindness and encouragement given without expectation -- that nurture the tender plant of love like drops of rain. Love relaxes its defenses and opens its branches to drink in the sunshine of gratitude and appreciation. Love reaches its roots down deep to build a strong connection of mutual respect and trust that can weather temporary storms. Love heals with patience and forgiveness. Love blossoms in the warmth of acceptance.Love makes you your best self. The more you give love, the more loving you become, and more beautiful, more compassionate, more unselfish, yet more self-confident. Love truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Celebrate a garden’s worth of flourishing love, OHM offers you love to fill your heart with. Its fragrant sweetness to continue to be enjoyed, if you tend it gently.

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