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Mama Aqua (Retired)

Mama Aqua (Retired)


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She is the beauty of rain-bowed water tumbling over a rocky falls. She is the awesome power of ocean waves and the spray of the sea splashing against the shore. She is also a gentle summer rain, a clear lake, the soothing trickle of water over stones, and the stillness of snow. MAMA AQUA is the life-giving water of our planet Earth, and she nourishes our crops and gathers the birds and beasts to drink at her rivers and streams.

Mama is the Queen of the Sea, the goddess of rivers, the myth of the siren and mermaid. Mama has been worshiped as a purifier by many, and philosophers consider her the element of intuition and emotion. Mama Aqua is royalty and majesty. She wears a crown of precious coral reef, and her flowing waves of hair are filled with creatures of the sea.

Mama is part of you too. Your body is 78% water and you cannot survive without her. She is the long cool drink of refreshment on a hot day or the cleansing depths of your favorite swimming spot. She is the salty smell of the sea and the rhythm of the tides. Mama is powerful; She is fragile. Water covers 71% of our planet’s surface; yet, despite her importance, she is often unappreciated. Her coral is dying, her fish are poisoned, and one billion of Terra’s seven billion people drink water that is not healthy.

We must cherish and love our beautiful Mama Aqua, for if we take care of her, she will nourish, clean, feed, and refresh us in return. Be good to your Mama.

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