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At Least I'M Warm (Retired)

At Least I'M Warm (Retired)


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As the festive Holiday season begins again each year, the sunny beaches of summer are a distant memory, the colored leaves of Autumn have fallen and been raked away, and the first icy breaths of winter have now frosted the window panes of the warm homes where we huddle. Some folks dread this wintry transition ‘cuz their bodies just can’t seem to get warm enough: cold red noses, icy cold toes and fingertips, shivering bodies that tremble with bone-deep chill even under layers of thick blankets and down comforters. Our little OHM turkey is wrapped in his own covering of feathery down, yet he too shivers in the November wind and he is glad to be invited indoors for the Thanksgiving feast. In fact, he is the featured guest of the Holiday meal. As the flames lick the huge iron pot and the water boils and bubbles with steam, the turkey sighs with contentment, “At least I’m WARM!” Maybe you can identify with that sentiment. This bead is for you.

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