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F Bomb (Retired)

F Bomb (Retired)


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F-BOMB is a euphemism for the potentially shocking, offensive, or taboo word F#@k! Very few people use this word lightly, or in polite company, or in front of children. Some folks refuse to use this word at all, preferring substitutes like fudge, frack, or dag nab it!

Few words truly deliver the reverberating, soul-satisfying shock-wave satisfaction of a true, authentic F-Bomb, especially as you're holding that throbbing, screaming toe, freshly jammed into the corner counter.

We at OHM feel your pain. Get ready to drop the F-BOMB, complete with timer, fuses, and explosive F's prepped for detonation. Be armed and ready with this tightly packed little incendiary device on your bracelet for any occasion that requires a verbal expression of mass destruction.

Just squeeze to activate, feel the rush of release and the combustion of syllables silently bursting into a mushroom cloud of curses. Yet by keeping it close, your reputation at the office remains serene and pristine.

Or maybe you are someone who enjoys sprinkling F-Bombs throughout your conversation to be edgy and defy decorum. Yes, you know who you are! Salty tongue like a sailor!

Wear this little silver bomb to celebrate your rebellion. But remember, It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Boom

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