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Monkey Fist

Monkey Fist


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Because it was often used with a lifeline tossed from a boat, the Monkey Fist knot became a symbol of solidarity and friendship. Each knot is different in some way and never perfectly round, just as each friendship is unique and imperfect. The Monkey Fist knot grows tighter and rounder with repeated use, just as a friendship grows firmer and smoother with time and attention. Tradition holds that a Monkey Fist should be given to a friend, old or new, with the story of that friendship and the knot’s symbolism shared.

Whether you keep or share this OHM Monkey Fist bead, you will love its many uses and the cleverness of its design. Our Monkey Fist can dangle from a mini-chain to simulate the weighted lines of the sailors and fishermen, and our intricate little knot can be worn as a pendant or a hanging bead swinging gently from your bracelet.

The Monkey Fist knot is used by sailors to serve as a weight, making a rope easier to throw. This knot was tied at the end of a heaving line that could be hurled from ship to dock. This knot was also used by fishermen to cast a net between two boats and trawl for a larger catch of fish. The weighted Monkey Fist knot was sometimes utilized as a hand-to-hand weapon, which the sailors called a “slungshot”.

Any way you wear it, the Monkey Fist is a beautiful symbol of friendship. Give them as gifts, share them with your friends, wear them as reminders of the relationships you cherish.

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