Golden Fleece (Gold Vermeil)

Golden Fleece (Gold Vermeil)

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OHM BOTM (Bead Of The Month) April, 2017
The story goes like this: Medea cast a sleeping spell upon the dragon so Jason could retrieve the Golden Fleece from the one thousand year old oak tree where it had been kept. Aeetes made a final attempt to keep the Fleece and set Jason’s ship on fire, but he was thwarted again.

Medea left with Jason and the Argonauts on the Argos. Zeus was angered by Medea’s familial betrayal and blew the ship off course. A challenging return trip included Sirens with their enchanting music drowned out by the lyre-playing Orpheus, son of Apollo, the sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis, and Talos, the giant bronze robot in Crete. With the help of the god Apollo, they arrived home where Jason gave the Golden Fleece to Pelias and claimed the throne. Jason’s reign was short-lived as the people grew weary of Medea’s magic. Eventually, they were banished from Iolcus.

One day, Jason traveled back to Iolcos, alone, leaving his life and loves behind him. Finding his boat, Argos, on display, he sat beneath its shadows and wept. The rotting ship gave way and a beam fell on Jason, ending his life.

What ever happened to the Golden Fleece? No one knows. Perhaps, like so many other golden trinkets, it was lost and forgotten, not worth the trouble it had cost to procure it. Embrace this moment and embrace those you love. Things are things. Beads are beads. People are people. #EmbraceTheAdventure #FindLove #LiveLife

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