Collection: LOVE GROWS with Mardi Holland-Monsen

LOVE GROWS: 15% of sales from Aug 5-31 will be donated to Kids with Cancer Foundation in honor and celebration of our AU OHMbassador Mardi and her son who is currently fighting! You can also donate directly:

In her own words:

Hi My name is MARDI & I’m an OHM beads Australia OHMbassador. Not all of you will be aware, my youngest Son has been diagnosed with Leukemia. He’s only 3 years old & his birthday is on the 15th.

The number 13 is an important number to me. It was the date I lost my biological brother to leukemia back in 1997 in August. My brother & I were both adopted so it left a huge hole in my life.

I never thought I’d be going through this again but here I am. The beads I’ve chosen to represent this month are current & older styles.

1 SOCK MONKEY- This one reminds me of the toy monkey my brother had when he was little. I still have it to this day & it sits on my bed. It’s such a cute little bead.

2 FEED THE FUTURE- As OHM don’t have a daffodil bead, I purchased these ones as they were the closet thing I could find. I often pair them with the sock monkey as daffodils were his favourite flower.

3 WINGS OF LIBERATION- I LOVE butterflies & the various butterfly beads OHM offer. I chose this one in particular though as it is very similar to a tattoo I have on my back in memory of my brother.

4 BARISTA BUDDY- This is such a fun quirky little bead. It’s a perfect representation of my LOVE of COFFEE!! I probably drink too many a day but at the moment I need it to get through the challenges in each day.

5 CUPCAKE- My brother loved to bake & spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I feel that’s where my love of baking came from. Over the years I’ve created many AMAZING cakes & baked goods. I love the detail of the frosting & cherry, classic cupcake style.

6+7 PERSONAL BUBBLE & BOXED EMOTION- MUSIC is a HUGE part of my life!! If I’m down, I’ll play music. If I’m baking, I’ll crank my tunes. There’s always a song for EVERY MOOD. I also LOVE to dance too. I’ve been dancing since the age of 3. Born in the early 80’s BOXED EMOTION is perfect!!

8 MAZE OF LIFE- I love EVERYTHING about this one. The name, meaning & the design. When I first saw this bead it reminded me of the movie Labyrinth, one of my favourite childhood memories.

9+10 IMMORTAL BLUE & BABY ARGH- A large chunk of my OHM collection would be ocean themed beads. I have a love of many different sea creatures. I was born in Mauritius & the beaches there are absolutely amazing. The detail in the immortal blue are STUNNING. The quirky argh are one of my favourites in my collection.

11 BOARDING- I’ve chosen this one as my second youngest has shown an interest in skateboarding & tech decks over
the last few months. His dad has been teaching him to skateboard too. I also love the design of this bead.

12 PUFF A STAR- I’ve chosen this bead for my little man Cohen. Witnessing what he’s endured over the last 2 months has been a mix of emotions. He’s so strong & resilient. One of his favourite songs to sing is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

13 MEDIEVAL BUNNY- I have always loved the variety of OHM bunnies available. I never got to own a Bunny Reaper but I’m very happy with my bunny collection I have so far. Sinister but also cute.